I am a filmmaker, visual artist and designer, and Preproduction Supervisor at Indirap Productions in Chicago.

I recently graduated Indiana University with majors in Telecommunications and Fashion Design, a minor in Creative Writing and a certificate in Arts Management.

My passion is bringing beauty into the world by exploring human relationships and translating emotions into art. I've always felt an urgent need to create, to express myself, the internal, and the beauty in everything around me, whether thats through visuals, words, or textiles. I love expanding my creativity through my visual art and design work (websites, graphic design), but I hope to one day work in the film industry as a director, and am consistently writing and filming new projects. 

I have a special interest in stories focusing on women and LGBT subjects, as both are underrepresented in today's popular film. 

Please feel free to contact me for commissions, questions, projects or  employer/instructor recommendations.

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